A skybox is a method used by game developers to make a game world seem bigger and more immersive. These contain horizons and the surrounding environment of a game's level.

WolfQuest features real-world photography from or around the areas surrounding each episode's titular location in Yellowstone National Park. Lost River uses skyboxes created from a 3D-constructed environment with real sky photography from an unspecified location and unknown source.

Effective as of 3.0, skyboxes will no longer be used in favour of the natural and dynamic progression of time, something that skyboxes cannot easily transition between. It is not currently known whether they will be retained in the mobile versions or completely replaced in all versions with the dynamic day and night cycle.


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  • WolfQuest's skybox is a six-sided cube rendered outside of/surrounding the game world.
    • The source of a skybox can be any form of texture, including photographs, hand-drawn images, or pre-rendered 3D geometry. Usually, these textures are created and aligned in 6 directions, with viewing angles of 90 degrees (which covers up the 6 faces of the cube). --Wikipedia
  • A skybox does not generate nor is it responsible for a level's lighting.
  • In 2.7 and above, the skybox for spring Slough Creek is shown in the background of the create a new and load existing wolf menu behind the rotating preview of the avatar.
  • From 2.0.0 up until 2.5.1, when the player toggles between Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek, a preview of the selected map's skybox is shown in the background.
    • In version 2.0.3, there was a bug in which made it possible to bypass the world barrier and walk on the air while viewing the skybox of Amethyst Mountain. The cause was due to an exploit found in Slough Creek's multiplayer map.[1] This has since been fixed and can no longer be reproduced.
  • At times, if your wolf and camera is at the right angle, you can see the lines at the connecting edges of the skybox.


  1. Out of Map Experience

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