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WolfQuest: Survival of the Pack Deluxe™

WolfQuest: Survival of the Pack is the final title of the official release of the second episode and the direct sequel to Amethyst Mountain. Slough Creek is a real location in Yellowstone National Park, where the game is based on. Having found a mate in the previous installment of WolfQuest, you now have a new objective:

You must find a new home, give birth to a litter of pups to raise, teach and defend to ensure their survival and indeed the survival of your own family pack.

Survival of the Pack comes bundled with Amethyst Mountain. Players who previously completed the first quest of the game can load and continue their journey in the paws of a wolf in the newest map: Slough Creek. 


The game is based in Slough Creek, an area in Yellowstone National Park, Montana.[1] As the game is based on a real area, the development of the game shows likenesses to the actual area. There is a vast river running through half of the map. The water is not hazardous to the player as drowning is not currently possible, however the water can drown pups through prolonged time in deep parts of the creek. This can be avoided by travelling across shallow areas of the river.

The primary objective throughout the second quest: find and settle at one of four possible densites, raise, teach and protect your pups, and relocate to the summer den site. Secondary and completely optional objectives exist as a challenge for the player-- hunting, defending and marking your territory, training your pups, and exploration. Survival of the Pack also introduced a new feature: the cattle ranch. Here, players can hunt down and kill a calf to replenish their hunger or gather food for their pups.

The primary objectives of the game have been introduced as five individual missions for the player to complete at their own pace and leisure.


Main article: Slough Creek (2.5)/Map

There are two different maps used for this one area: one during winter, which is where the single player game first starts, and one during spring, when the pups have been born. Overall, there are three variations of this map during single player mode and two variations specific to multiplayer mode.


Nightangelwolf PureWhitePuppy1

Two wolf pups. Puppy on the right is a pure white pup.

Main article: Wolf pup (2.5)

Pups are a new element of gameplay only introduced to players throughout the second episode in Slough Creek. It falls to the player and their mate to ensure their survival for the duration of their stay after establishing a home. 

There are no other baby animals currently in-game with the exception of wolf cubs and calves found in the cattle ranch. 


Slough Creek is home to a number of animals.

Ravens were introduced with the Survival of the Pack expansion.

The player should not attempt to eat from a carcass if a bear is nearby, as he will become aggressive if the player comes within range of the carcass he is guarding. Otherwise, bears are passive of the player if no carcasses are nearby for them to scavenge from. Coyotes are neutral towards the player and will attempt to flee if a set distance is not maintained, but they will never attempt to attack players.

Stranger wolves vary in their hostility and distinctive personalities; all Dispersal wolves are passive towards the player. Ravens cannot be interacted with and serve only as a beacon to show the player the location of a carcass in the distance without requiring the use of scent mode.

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Mission 1: Find a Den
Mission 2: Mark your Territory
Mission 3: Train your Pups
Mission 4: Defend your Pups
Mission 5: Grow your Pups
Mission 6: Final Journey
Special mission: Cattle Ranch

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