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Slough Creek is the second game map, where the second episode of WolfQuest takes place. There are three elk hunting grounds and two wolf pack territories. Players cannot leave the map due to four invisible barriers at the edges of the map, preventing the player from entering the void area. Although there are borders, players can still see the void. 

There is a chance that elk carcasses can spawn beyond the borders of the map, out of reach from the player. If an elk is killed near the barrier, there is also a small chance it will glitch past the barrier and prevent the player(s) from eating it.

Sloughcreek map

Slough Creek map as of version 2.5.1.

The public release of the second episode is roughly based around the months of November or December, with Spring being based around April.

Slough has approximately four ponds and a long, narrow river running through the map. Despite the amount of water on the map, players currently cannot drink water.

During the final mission, the stranger wolf pack territory expands, preventing the player from crossing through the grasslands if their territory is at Bison Peak Cutoff or the East Creek, thus making gameplay longer and more strategic if there are more than two surviving pups to carry to the summer site.



  • It was previously possible to configure water shaders and shadows. In 2.5, this was disabled and players can no longer specify fancy waters/shadows.


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