The second objective of Survival of the Pack is to establish your territory by marking your new  home with -- you guessed it -- urine scent marks. 

You will be aided with a new interface, displaying the strength of your territory's scent marks. Over time they will fade, so players are encouraged to frequently re-mark their territory to decrease the likelihood of intruding stranger wolves and other predators trespassing into your territory and posing any threat to your pack and yourself.

Increasing Territory Claim

Throughout your stay in Slough Creek, your territory is going to be not only you and your mate's home, but also home to your puppies! As such, it's important to maintain strong markers to maintain low odds of predators invading or being challenged by unfamiliar wolves from rival wolf packs.  The yellow bar displayed on the badge indicates the current strength of your territory's markers.

There are two methods of strengthening markers:

  1. Peeing in each territory 'segment'.
  2. full, uninterrupted pack howl.

Be aware that this merely decreases the odds of predators or other wolves. Your territory will still be trespassed even with a high percentage, albeit at a lower rate. You will be prompted to re-mark your territory when your scent begins to wane.

Mission #3

Now that your territory is secure, your pups are about to be born and it's time to move on to the next mission.

Train your Pups

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