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The Slough Creek pack is an established wolf pack whose territory resides near the Grassy Plain on the northern range of Amethyst Mountain's map, where their members are more common than in other territories. The wolves belonging to this pack are tough individuals who like a challenge if provoked, though like their Specimen neighbors, they know when to back down and flee.


Tough and undaunted by the prospect of a challenge, Slough wolves are easily provoked and some have a chance to fight to the death. The grey-brown Slough male starts the encounter with "What's up?" and, if responded to with an aggressive phrase, will submit immediately to the player.

Like the other male, the white-grey-brown Slough male starts the conversation with "What's up?" but, unlike his counterpart, if given the chance, will respond with "I want to be boss!" and will proceed to fight. If the white-grey-brown wolf does not fight to the death, he will usually submit just before half health.

The black female Slough wolf typically enters the encounter posing herself as dominant. She will either fight to the death or submit just before death.

The black? Slough male assumes the dominant pose once entering the arena just like the black female. He seems to take damage slightly faster than the other two aggressive Slough wolves and could be a male variant of the black female, since it enters and exits with the same phrase and submits at the same point.



  • This pack was based on a real and world-renowned wolf pack of the same name. This pack was formed towards the end of 2002 and became defunct at some point during 2010.
    • This wolf pack only features in WolfQuest versions 1.0.X up to 2.5.1 in the free editions and in the 2.7.X premium editions. However, as this pack is defunct in the real world, it does not exist in 3.0.X and newer.


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