Social arena (2.7)

The player encounters a Slough male in the Grassy Plain territory.

Social arena encounters are territorial encounters (or conflicts) with stranger wolves during single player Amethyst Mountain and Lost River. Unlike previous versions, players are not required to visit each territory and at least one wolf within each first; instead, for dispersal wolves to spawn, the player's wolf must first gain some experience.


Within the social arena, the player can choose four dialogue options to command their wolf during the encounter. 

Dominant, Attack Submissive, Submit No action, Wait Flee, Leave
I want to be boss I'm not boss I'm waiting I can take a hint!
I'm boss, back off I give in! It's your move now I've got to go
You're not my family I'm no threat to you I can wait I'm out of here
Get going! It's cool I'll stay put OK, I'll leave
Leave now! Take it easy N/A I'll be going now
Do I know you? N/A N/A N/A

In all encounters, the flee action only requires one input - if selected, the player's wolf will turn tail and run away without hesitation. The attack command is turn-based; once the player attacks the opposing stranger, the NPC will either retaliate and deal damage to the player, continuing until low health, or submit if they are not posing themselves as aggressive or until their health has been sufficiently reduced.

Dispersal bonding

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The following options are only available during dispersal wolf encounters.

Action Bonding heart Bonding Effect
Hello there Increases if used at 0 hearts.
Decreases after greeting.
I like you Increases if used at 1-2 hearts.
Decreases if used at 4 hearts.
Let's start a pack! Increases if used at 3 hearts.
Decreases if used at 0-2 hearts.
Must be used twice after 3 hearts.
You're OK Increases if used at 0 hearts.
Let's play! Increases if used at 2 hearts.
Decreases if used at 3 hearts.
Let's hang out Increases if used at 2 hearts.
Decreases if used at 3 hearts.
Let's be friends Increases if used at 3 hearts.
Decreases if used at 1 heart.
Don't go away Increases if used at 1 heart.
Decreases if used while at 0-3 hearts.

Using a positive action out of order, early in the encounter or using a negative action can either remove one heart or will have no effect, though it is still possible to recover and resume the bonding process with a potential mate. However, using an action repetitively increases the chances of a dispersal wolf rejecting the player and running away. Any dominant action always causes an instant rejection, no matter how many hearts have been accumulated, immediately terminating the encounter without a chance to recover.

Slough Creek

Social encounter arenas were phased out of Slough Creek or else have become incredibly rare.



  • Visiting all three territories was phased out in favour of experience points effective as of 2.7, and will carry over indefinitely into newer releases.
  • The first and last actions of the bonding process with a potential mate are always the same.