In order to survive the harsh wilderness, players must hunt in order to provide themselves and their packs with food and learn to seek out water for purely optional boosts.


Wolves, being carnivorous predators, can only feast from deceased prey. Each animal offers a different challenge, some with more meat on their bones which means they may last longer than others.

Predators do not kill to consume other predators, however; the corpses of coyotes, cougars and foxes are suitable only as trophies. They cannot be consumed.


Main article: Hydration

In the future, it will also be possible for players to find suitable sources of water for drinking, quenching thirst and granting a large stamina boost along with a small health boost.




Sustenance Hunger: CarcassesElkMooseMule deerHareJuveniles

Thirst: Hydration

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