Teasers refer to in-development sneak previews of upcoming content and changes.

These tend to be provided in media format - screenshots, videos, and audio samples[1] - generally published ahead of time by the development team and later on during the development cycle, from beta testers with loboLoco's approval. This article serves as a place to review all past and present teasers, with new sections being added and maintained throughout the course of any active or ongoing development cycles.

Trailers and promotional images revealed before release or early on during the course of development should not be seen as a guarantee of the final product, as some things seen may potentially be adjusted or removed before the final revision is initially released to the public.[2]

Amethyst Mountain

For the game world, see Amethyst Mountain and Amethyst Mountain/Map.
For the episode, see Episodes#Episode 1.

The following teasers were unveiled during the development and pre-release promotional images from both the demo and release versions of the first episode, Amethyst Mountain.

Amethyst Mountain: Deluxe Edition

The following teasers emerged before the release of Amethyst Mountain: Deluxe Edition.


The following images originate from the promotional WolfQuest video.

Survival of the Pack

For the game world, see Slough Creek and Slough Creek/Map.
For the episode, see Episodes#Episode 2.

The following teasers were unveiled during the development and pre-release promotional images from the second episode, Slough Creek.

Survival of the Pack: Deluxe Edition

The following teasers emerged before the release of Survival of the Pack: Deluxe Edition.

WolfQuest: New and Improved

Teasers following Eduweb's return to the project in 2013. Note that the title of this section refers to 2.7 by its indev (or in development) name. This was never used as its final release title after its launch in November 2015.

WolfQuest 2.7

The following teasers were unveiled while version 2.7[6] and its various patch releases were in development.

Note that only one of the three "mark territory" buttons will be used in the final version.[18]

Beta Screenshots

The following teasers were unveiled by the beta testers, with permission from Dave. This compilation is arranged as screenshots followed by bloopers. Click an image to enlarge.


Cited from


Cited from and


The following teasers were unveiled while version 2.7.2[19] was in development.


The following teasers were unveiled while version 2.7.3[22] was in development.

WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition

Main article: Versions/WolfQuest 3

The following teasers were unveiled while the Anniversary Edition (version 3.0.X[23]) and Tower Fall were in development. The anniversary update will be a free release to players who already own 2.7.

Episode 3: Tower Fall

For the game world, see Tower Fall and Tower Fall/Map.
For the episode, see Tower Fall and Episodes#Episode 3.

The following teasers were unveiled from as early as late 2016, during which time the Anniversary Edition was being developed. Tower Fall will be released as a separate paid update in the form of IAP (mobile) and DLC (computer) in the future.[49] Its official version designation may be 3.1.X.[50]

Behind the Scenes: The Making of 3.X.X

Not to be confused with WolfQuest:Documentaries.

Various behind-the-scenes videos of a more technical nature showing the progression of development for WolfQuest, includes devblog entries reaching out for community input, demonstrations without in-game footage and footage from within the Unity development engine showcasing actual code and scripts at work. Cited from the developer's blog.


Cited from the developer's blog.


Teasers revealed before the launch of mobile edition. Please note that this section is not specific to any single version or episode and will be updated if any new mobile teasers are revealed.


  • The communication interactions seen in Amethyst Mountain's promotional video were possibly reworked into the social arena encounters, while territory marking was implemented in the second episode to be more realistic and accurately portray real wolf behavior; dispersal wolves do not establish territory until they have a mate. This would be a sensible explanation, granted that WolfQuest is an educational game.
    • Emotes further expanded upon facial expression and body language as an alternative method of communicating.
  • Content observed in trailers, images, audio or other such promotional content that did not initially appear within their respective initial releases:
    • The original 2007 trailer depicted a wolf peeing to mark its territory, which did not debut until episode 2's release three years later.
    • The episode 2 teaser revealed what appears to have been a roaming stranger wolf, which did not debut until 2.7's release five years later.
  • Grizzly bears were implemented with the introduction of Amethyst Mountain's Deluxe edition update.
  • Similarly, time and weather were introduced in Survival of the Pack's Deluxe edition update.


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