• Hey! I've played WQ for a while, but I've had this question for a while as I've seen several players doing this.

    1.) Are you able to make up your own rules in-game? Such as, "your average response should be _ chat messages long." or "your bio can only be this many messages long." etc.

    2.) Following up that question, some people tend to kick people for breaking the rules that they [the host] has set, i'm wondering if that is allowed or frowned upon/count as excessive kicking?

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    • 1) Provided those rules don't conflict with the rules set by the WolfQuest Team for multiplayer games, the host can set rules for their server. 

      2) I presume kicking for breaking host-set rules as opposed to kicking for legitimate rule-breaking is not allowed in a public server.

      ~Neamara WolfQuest-logo Contact | Contributions 16:05, December 31, 2018 (UTC) 

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    • Alright! Thank you for clarifying!

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