• Neat little story + bug(s) that just happened, in the most recent 2.7 version: I killed two of these (or the same one twice, I think). At first I encountered a grey/black Slough male, fought him, and accidentilly killed him because he wouldn't give in or run away (he just kept attacking with "i'm boss, back off".) When I came back to the Slough territory after healing, I followed the territory markers to where the wolf should be and there was no wolf. I wandered around that area a bit when suddenly i was put into the social arena, but there was no opponent, and there was no option to interactt, just a blank cinematic of my wolf from the side. My guess as to why this happened is, because 2.7 reuses a limited selection of wolves for social encounters in the same pack, it tried to reuse the one I just encountered, but the wolf was dead so there was noone to fight, making for an invisible opponent and no way to interact because the game usually automatically ends the encounter when a wolf dies. Since I was stuck, I saved and escaped to the main menu. When I returned, I happened to encounter the same wolf again, but he was alive this time. Once again, I killed him because he refused to back down. May want to include these bugs & happenings on the page somewhere?

    Bugs and Glitches or Board:Bugs and Glitches

    ~Neamara WolfQuest-logo Contact | Contributions 02:59, January 19, 2019 (UTC)

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