• This post is intended to help players gain access to the BCE facility grounds in order to hunt "Floppy", a lone cow moose trapped within its grounds as a nod to a bug that surfaced during the development of the moose update. She was codenamed "MotL".

    Edited repost of the article by User:Coal - Nightlight.


    In order to spawn Floppy, walk down into the facility area and then run at the spot that is between the invisible wall and the hill where the moose spawns. This will automatically spawn Floppy. If she does not spawn there, try to run up the hill and into the wall. If that still does not spawn Floppy, try running over the hill. If it still does not work, check if everyone is at their spot (mobile users on the correct hill outside, the one near the tree). Players on this platform may back up a bit more into the area and if everyone is at their spot. If the moose still doesn't spawn, sleep to advance the time of day. After that, run at Floppy's facility spawn area again and now she should appear.

    Per moose mechanics, if anyone dies inside facility grounds, she won't respawn. If a player dies outside her area, the moose's own spawn is unaffected.


    Spawning Floppy on the mobile platform works differently; it is only important for a player to walk to the correct hill outside of Floppy's area. Just by sitting there she should respawn and players can get back in. If one shares a session with computer players, it is faster to let them spawn her.


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