• Considering this is a template we're planning on keeping, it's a good idea for us to make a topic about it for easy reference, as-needed.

    First and foremost, this template makes it easy to visibly distinguish protection status.

    • Padlock - Full protection. (Usually permanent, though we treat this on a case-by-case basis.)
    • Padlock-silver - Semi-protected; only registered users can edit.
    • Padlock-olive - Move protected; only administrators can move the specified article.
    • Padlock-red - Indefinitely protected.


    Creating Articles

    When creating articles, please remember to use the {{protected}} tag. While we don't protect all articles on the Wikia, having the template on an article is handy if ever the need to protect it arises. ;) 

    Editing Articles

    If an article you're editing lacks the protected tag, feel free to add it in. All protected tags will display no padlock if the article has no protection. The most common padlock shown will be the silver padlock, representing that the article cannot be edited by unregistered (or 'Wikia Contributor') and newly-registered members of the WolfQuest Wiki. This does not affect members whose accounts are verified and logged in. An olive padlock means the article cannot be moved by anyone other than a beaurocrat or administrator. Finally, a red padlock represents an article that has been protected indefinitely; this will be used if an article is under heavy load or is being vandalised to a point that it is deemed necessary to issue protection.

    Move protection is generally only present temporarily, unless it is deemed necessary to keep it active to prevent confusion, such is the case with disambiguation articles.


    It's perfectly fine to request article protection and removal of protection given to any given article. You can do so in the Wikia Help forum right here on our Wiki, or by posting a topic to an administrator's or moderator's message wall. Some articles are permanently protected and may not be so easily have their status revoked, such as the Main Page, but it doesn't hurt to ask. 

    If this is the case, then you are more than welcome to suggest changes as you see fit; we're open to communtiy suggestions if people have good intentions (and reasons) for putting a suggestion forward. We don't bite! :) 

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