• We're going to purge the bugs and glitches sub-articles from the Wiki's page count and migrate them to the Wiki Forum. This is being done to make our page count more accurate and less focused on bug/glitch findings. Effective as of today, all contributors will see a new board -- Bugs and Glitches -- where we'll be reposting the existing articles in their own topics and tagging the main bugs and glitches article for accessibility purposes. 

    We would like to suggest posting any of your bug/glitch findings in that board if you come across anything rather than creating a new article for it. It helps keep the Wiki organized and we appreciate the effort. :) 

    I'm going to run through the bugs/glitches categories and make a start on this much-needed purge... 

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    • Wow. As I read this I discovered a glitch for the 2.7 demo -_-

      I'm like a glitch magnet or something.

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    • Eh. This really is overdue... but I'm backlogged with other priorities (preparing articles and content in advance for the full version's release) that this is a low priority. Someday.

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    • A FANDOM user
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