Tower Fall is the setting for the third episode of WolfQuest, being the third game world of the game's main campaign.




This area is a lovely microcosm of northern Yellowstone, with broad upload slopes as well as rugged river bottomlands, two creeks and a major river, and a spectacular waterfall. And, of course, plenty of wildlife. It’s also a reasonably short journey (as the wolf trots, at least) from Slough Creek, as you can see on the map. We all quickly fell in love with the area and what it would bring to the game. While the waterfall itself will only be one small part of the map, we knew that “Tower Fall” was the perfect name for what we’re sure will be the biggest and best episode of WolfQuest yet. (And yes, the name is singular, according to the U.S. Geological Service, which gets to decide these things.)





  1. • Announcing Episode 3: Tower Fall!

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