Unity 3D is the game engine used by Eduweb to create WolfQuest.[1]

Eduweb uses a professional (licensed) version of the program, giving the development team more features than those available in the free version. WolfQuest is confirmed to be developed using Mac-based operating systems[2] to phase out the possibility of any potentially unwanted programs from being included with the installer or distributed through the game.


Unity provides an assets store on its own website where developers can share a variety of scripts, models, skyboxes and other such custom creations for other developers to use. Some are distributed for free, while others do have a price tag associated with them.


  • Unity offers free and personal versions of their engine and a trial run of the professional version. 
    • This means Unity is an uncommon choice of engine for most games.
      • Consequently, its reputation is mixed due to a selection of poor quality and low-effort games.
      • Fortunately, there are as many good games as there are bad. For example, Subnautica and Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty both utilise this engine extremely well.


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