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Moderators are voluntary members of the community who are given an elevated level of authority and status. It is their responsibility to keep the community forums organised and to help ensure that they continue to operate smoothly. As volunteers, moderators act as representatives of the WolfQuest Team[1], though they are not direct employees of Eduweb nor Minnesota Zoo and may speak their own minds. They offer their time freely and are not paid for their services.

They are more easily identified by their green usernames and/or their optional WolfQuest Moderator rank with its green pawprint badge. All moderators have access to dedicated forums suitable to their job. They may also receive early information about the project including but not limited to newer revisions to the game.[2] 


For a run-down of forum terms, see Community Forum/User Guide.

All members in this usergroup have the following abilities:

  • Moving Topics and individual posts
  • Splitting and Merging topics and individual posts
  • Creating Sticky (Pinned) Topics, which never leave the first page of a forum unless revoked.
  • Deleting Posts made by users other than themselves.
  • Editing Posts made by users other than themselves.
  • Attachments
  • Unofficial Warnings
  • Private Forum Access, such as the group-specific Moderator forum.

Current & Former Moderators

As with everything, not everyone can stand against the test of time. WolfQuest's members and staff are certainly no exception, with most of them bidding the project farewell and parting to pursue other things in their lives outside of the internet.

Current moderators

Active moderators within the community's WolfQuest team.

Username Initial instatement Reinstatement
Neamara December 6th 2011 N/A
Koa Mar 5th 2010 Jan 10th 2015
paperpaws Jul 19th 2010 Jul 14th 2015
Isela July 7th 2017 N/A
Frodo1 July 7th 2017 N/A

Former moderators

Former moderators who have either been demodded due to inactivity or resigned for reasons of their own[3] (complete with resignation or demodded dates where applicable). Sorted by instatement/resignation or demotion, reinstatement/resignation or demotion, and so on.

Username Instatement » Reinstatement Resignation » Demotion
breanna Jan 31st 2008 Apr 17th 2009
Kateri Jun 27th 2008 n/a
Miharu Nov 27th 2007 Jan 11th 2008[citation needed]
Leapingwolf Jan 31st 2008 Jan 26th 2009
Twilight12343 Jan 31st 2008 Apr 18th 2009
wolves_forever Jun 27th 2008 Nov 2008
sora Jan 31st 2008 Apr 29th 2009
Fenris Jan 31st 2008 » Nov 3rd 2008 May 20th 2008 » May 2009
Midnight Snow Jun 27th 2008 Jul 2009
Kyuubi no yoko Jan 31st 2008 Jul 2009
Windance Jun 27th 2008 Jul 2009
Songdog Jun 27th 2008 Feb 9th 2010
Sintact Mar 5th 2010 Sept 2nd 2010
Fawn Jun 27th 2008 Sept 10th 2010
orangeonfire Jul 14th 2009 Oct 1st 2010
DazzleBerry Jul 14th 2009 Nov 2010
pawnee Nov 27th 2007 Dec 2010
Candle Jack Jan 31st 2008 Dec 2010
Moonikinz Jul 14th 2009 Mar 2011
Blindseer Nov 27th 2007 » Jan 31st 2008 Jan 10th 2008 » Apr 2nd 2011
Kodiak Nov 27th 2007 Mar 26th 2011
SolitaryHowl Jul 14th 2009 Apr 26th 2011
Canidae Mar 5th 2010 Jun 2nd 2011
-x- Silvie -x- May 11th 2011 Sept 2011
Zethra May 11th 2011 Nov 2011
Sheeba Wolf Mar 5th 2010 Apr 17th 2012
Larkarl Sept 21st 2011 May 5th 2012
Rikkuzilla Jun 27th 2008 » Apr 3rd 2012 » Jun 23rd 2013 Apr 13th 2011 » Jun 28th 2012 » Jan 2014
Croix Apr 13th 2012 Jul 2012
Kivia Mar 5th 2010 Sept 16th 2012 » Apr 1st 2013[4]
Adalae May 11th 2011 Sept 22nd 2012
Atropine Sept 21st 2011 Sept 24th 2012
Alpha Female Sept 21st 2011 May 14th 2013
Granger Oct 16th 2012 » Jun 21st 2014 Jun 22nd 2013 » Oct 12th 2015
SoranofAvalor Dec 21st 2012 Apr 2014
DaniBeez[5] Dec 21st 2012 Jun 17th 2015
BlackWarrior Apr 13th 2012 Jul 20th 2015
ZeRivet Apr 13th 2012 May 7th 2016
Masika Jul 19th 2010 » Nov 4th 2015 Mar 2012 » Dec 22nd 2016
Quivira May 11th 2011 Dec 23rd 2016
valkea October 2nd 2012 May 28th 2017
Sambhur October 16th 2012 June 11th 2017
DerpBacon July 7th 2017 November 3rd 2017
wolf567 Nov 27th 2007 » Jan 17th 2016 Sept 28th 2012 » May 1st 2018

How are moderators chosen?

Candidates for this group are chosen by the WolfQuest Team during an application period, during which time members can apply to join the community team. Those who actively and positively contribute around the forums stand a better chance of being chosen over those who break or ignore the rules and behave poorly.

When the team are interested in opening positions to the public, a new topic is created in the News and Announcements forum, typically by a WolfQuest Team member.


While community forum accounts are tied to 2.5 game accounts, moderators have no power or impact in any multiplayer game. They cannot kick, ban, mute, or otherwise control any aspects of another player's session or any games in the lobby; their role only applies to the forums. In-game, they are players like everyone else.


  • There has been a total of 48 volunteer moderators counting the former and current listings to date. This count excludes ban parrot and the WolfQuest Team.
  • This is one of few voluntary groups and only one of two staff positions not restricted to WolfQuest Team Members.
  • This group has been involved with April Fools' pranks.
    • On 1st April 2011, moderators' green names were switched to the yellow associated with the User of the Month. Registered Users had a green name for the day, minus the powers and responsibilities.
    • On 1st April 2015, moderators' green names were switched to either one of two colours: the first lot involved in "The Stick Cult" had pink names and stick-related ranks. The non-Stick Cult lot donned the vibrant purple associated with the Ban Parrot's usergroup while the ban parrot went on "a forced" vacation and appeared throughout the day as a regular user. Additionally, the group's name was temporarily changed to "Pirate Crew" and those mods were given ranks of their choice, with the default "WolfQuest Moderator" rank becoming "Wolferator ModQuest" for all who did not want a custom rank.[6]
      • All changes were reverted at the end of the day, however the stick cult ran for one week as part of the "national stick week" joke.
  • The moderator expectations do state that if a moderator resigns formally, they can request to be reinstated later on if they are interested in returning to the community provided they have shown enough dedication to be reinstated. However, a moderator who either vanishes without a forewarning of planned absence or has been demodded due to a breach of contract (the expectations) might not be given the same opportunity and must reapply when a new round of applications becomes available.
    • Moderators have at least one "second chance" at the role if their behavior goes against the forum guidelines and/or moderator expectations. An individual's first demotion will result in two weeks' suspension from the role with the opportunity to be reinstated after this time has elapsed. The second demotion will result in loss of status indefinitely, though they may reapply in a future round of applications should they wish to return.
    • There is no guarantee that a former moderator will be reinstated if they reapply or otherwise make a request to return to the role; the team may prefer to give other members a chance at moderating before giving priority to former moderators, though this is not entirely true. For example, a handful of ex-moderators have been reinstated per their request on multiple occasions.[7]
      • The circumstances of a moderator's demotion may also play a significant role in whether or not that individual may reapply and/or be reinstated.
  • Members can now submit suggestions and feedback concerning moderators' behavior and performance.
  • Senior Moderators, despite not having a differently colored name or rank to differentiate, have an extended range of abilities and permissions.


  1. Moderator Expectations: "•Positively and accurately represent the WolfQuest Team." --
  2. • Now Accepting Moderator Applications as shown under 'Moderator Benefits'. While not directly mentioned, this is still in effect despite being absent in newer application announcement posts.
  3. A list can be found here- • Current & Former WolfQuest Moderators. As of 2016, resignations and reinstatements will be relayed via this thread.
  4. or (pulled from Kivia's blog. See file description for link; blog appears to have been deactivated hence it no longer works without viewing the cache via Google.)
  5. DaniBeez (previously Overcast, Steeps, Tonbei/Nordue and Ever-green) was the last moderator instated by Cana. Source: Nordue, her third account, requested that the account be deleted on the 22th Sept 2015.
  6. The Wolferator Modquest tweak was suggested by Granger. See: and
  7. • Re: New Moderators

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