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WolfQuest 2.7 is the first update to the game since October 2011.  It is a separate project from 2.5.1 and all previous versions in the respect that it will be the first game in WolfQuest's history to require payment to play, as confirmed by the WolfQuest Team. Versions older than 2.5 were all available for free from the moment they were made available on the website by the development team after all testing had finished and the game had been finalized. 

2.7.0 and newer builds are available on Windows and Mac computers and IOS, Kindle and Android mobile devices. Both versions benefit from past and future patches.


There are a number of new features introduced with the update, including a number of bug fixes present in the previous version(s).

  • Rendered or particle fur or "fuzz"; visible on all wolves, bears, coyotes, elk and hare.
  • Customization options, such as new coat colors.
    • Other special customizations. (Radio collar, scars, injuries/deformations... etc.)
  • Dynamic wind affects scent trails and changes hunting tactics!
  • Reworked and improved AI behaviors for all NPCs.
    • Elk and the mate are much smarter about avoiding obstacles.
    • Healthy/strong cow elk will stand and defend themselves, much like the bull. Weaker elk will still flee.
  • Dispersal wolves (potential mates) are determined by the player's experience.
  • Multiplayer Improvements has been switched to photon back-end to allow for more robust MP sessions.
    • Also features the full Slough Creek episode: raise young pups with the help of friends!
    • Private games allow voice chat and text chat (filtered only through a naughty words list), while public games are restricted to phrased chat.
  • Lost River, a new map set in a fictional location outside of Yellowstone National Park.
  • Achievements[1] to be earned while playing if logged into an account.
  • Refined auto-saving[2].
  • A more expressive range of emotes.
  • Improved game world environments. (Mac/Win versions only.)

For more information, please visit: • [WolfQuest FAQ] New features!

In-App Purchases

Main article: In-App Purchases

In-app purchases, or IAP, grant optional extra features that the user may opt to buy. The team may occasionally decide to develop and release new add-on content in a patch update that will be available to buy once testing of new content has been completed. Content offered may be purely cosmetic, offering no in-game benefits besides vanity and appearance.

On the 28th of December 2014, Dave confirmed that in-app purchases would be available within the tablet version[3]. This is a logical decision due to the team having used their own resources to fund the app. IAP will not be present in the computer versions for technical reasons. 

Revenue earned through app-related purchases will be put back into the project.


The free trial edition was unveiled and officially launched via on November 12th 2015.[4] In March 2016, it also went live as a free download via the Steam store.

The trial offers new and returning players the full Amethyst Mountain episode in single player, original coats and seven new howls. Players cannot equip new coats or customizations, progress to Slough Creek, nor can they explore Lost River in the demo.


The updated game and most, if not all future versions will require some form of payment to download or play[5]. The reason behind this is that Eduweb have sunk their own funding resources into the game. In the past, funding would be sought after by Minnesota Zoo, but as a result of them distancing themselves from the project, this no longer appears to be the case. With the update that was posted in 2012, Minnesota Zoo had stepped down from pursuing WolfQuest development. This complicates funding a bit and may mean that future updates require payment(s) to play or unlock certain features.

For tablet devices. in-app purchases will be available via a store option on the splash screen. For the computer versions, players will have the option of downloading and installing a free demo version or buying the full game with everything included. If $10 seems like a low asking price, players are more than welcome to give the team a tip.[6]

Release & Distribution

Almost a week after the demo/trial version was made available, the full version launched on the 17th. Purchasing the game through grants players the ability to throw in a tip to support the project.

On November 18th 2015, Eduweb announced the release of the paid full version on Purchasing the game through grants customers a free Steam key and the ability to offer a tip to support the project and its future development.

Buying the game through is recommended as they only take a smaller cut from the team's sales plus all customers receive a complimentary Steam key to redeem at no extra cost from the popular client by Valve, who take a bigger cut.


On December 10th 2015, Eduweb announced that 2.7 had been pushed to Steam Greenlight and urged players to vote for the game if they were interested[7]. By December 23rd, WolfQuest was successfully Greenlit.

On March 25th 2016, WolfQuest was officially launched on the store. Within hours of release, it reached the top of the "Popular New Releases" chart list.[8]



Main article: Teasers

The following gallery contains images that were originally teased via this topic of the WolfQuest community forum.

Note that only one of the three "mark territory" buttons will be used in the final version[19].

Beta Screenshots

The following teasers were unveiled by the beta testers, with permission from Dave. This compilation is arranged as screenshots followed by bloopers. Click an image to enlarge.

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  • Should 2.7 be a huge success, new episodes are a possibility... but only through strong sales![20]
    • Players can help this process along by spreading the word about WolfQuest!
  • Eduweb has funded the app entirely out of their own resources. All purchases will not only help them make their investment in the project back, but this will also help determine development to extend the project's future. This is a gamble on their part- one that they are hopeful will pay off.
  • A first to the project, 2.7 supports patches. This means the application may download and install new data, keeping the game up-to-date automatically whenever available. This should be taken as a grain of salt until the WolfQuest Team have posted confirmation.
    • customers receive a launcher with which to update their game. The launcher is not present in the Steam release and is absent from all mobile builds. This is due to their own built-in self-update capabilities.
  • This update is the successor to the old, free game, v2.5.1.
  • The mobile edition received a number of delays throughout its long development, which began at some point in 2014.


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