Not to be confused with WQ Project Coordinator or Kristie.
WQ Coordinator, credited as Leah[1] but better known as Cana, was a project coordinator of WolfQuest involved with community management. She was officially revealed as the Michelle's successor in a segment of the November '08 newsletter[2] and, after taking some time to settle in, was instated as the acting administrator after the previous coordinator bid farewell to the community.[3]

On December 31st 2012, her position was terminated due in part to a lack of funding resources as well as the project's discontinuation.[4] Cana maintained the position for a dedicated five years of service.

As of 2014, Eduweb returned to resume their support for and development of the project, however Minnesota Zoo had decided to cease their involvement with the project with the zoo's blessing.


Kristie was the successor to the title both before and after Cana's position was fully terminated at the beginning of the New Year, although Kivia and Rikkuzilla were entrusted to fulfil the community aspects of her role after her departure.[5] This is because Kristie could or would not; she would handle multiplayer abuse reports and answer e-mails, but not the community aspect due to having a busy schedule.


  • Her favourite dog breed is the basset hound.
  • Her current avatar was made by Anduril. True to the previous trivia entry, it features a basset hound.
  • She makes an appearance in the ten year anniversary documentary.[6]

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