The WolfQuest Community Discord is a public server. It was established on April 16th 2016[1] and is run by moderators of the official community forum, as well as hand-picked volunteer server-only moderators. This server is the successor of the WolfQuest Skype group which has since been shut down in favor of this platform.[2]


To join our server, you can use this invitation:

Within the Discord client, you can use the invite code by clicking (+) followed by "Join".

This server follows the same rules and guidelines as the community forums do, albeit less strictly enforced. Even so, please keep them in mind, and be aware that your behavior in the Discord server may reflect on your forum account.

Now that the server is open to the public, please use the public invite as opposed to private messaging moderators or administrators.


For a list of roles, use ?roles in the bot-commands channel.

By default, everyone joining the server will be allocated to the Public Members role within five minutes of joining. This is auto-assigned by Dyno [Bot], not any member of staff. Additional roles exist, but not all of them can be joined; using Dyno's ?rank [rankname] command in our bot-commands channel may allow you to join certain manually-defined roles.

If you would like to join the Community Members role, which is reserved for members of the official WolfQuest Community Forum, you'll have to introduce yourself within the Guests text channel in-server and include a link to your forum profile, or post your Discord name and/or WQ server nickname in the thread below:

Discord - Free Voice and Text Chat

Important: If you do not have a forum account, you will not be eligible to join this role.

Moderators consist of current members of the community moderation team and a new, server-exclusive voluntary server moderators role. At this time, interest checks and invitations are only performed by the server owner after being discussed amongst the community team.

Setting your nickname within this server to reflect your forum username (provided you have one of course) or alias is optional.

About Discord

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Mac, Windows and Linux
IOS, Android and Kindle

Discord is an all-in-one low latency text and voice instant messenger service designed as a free alternative to Skype and TeamSpeak and optimized for use by gamers and live streamers among other casual users.


  • The server was initially invite-only for approximately three years.
    • Some of the previous forum exclusivity remains. (User of the Month, Senior Members, Community Members, etc.)
  • Server moderators have no forum equivalent usergroup. This is entirely its own standalone server role, which ties into a separate private server to assist its members with duties and allows for staff-wide communication outside of the public server.


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