This article is setup as a hub for translated Wiki pages, allowing users to extend the language options offered by this site and helping non-English players to better understand the game.

Users looking to help translate the project have permission to start Wiki sites of their own to focus on translating the game to other languages.

Creating a sub-site

Because WolfQuest is primarily an English game with no official translations offered in-game, this is where the community can come together and help create a multi-language resource for absolutely everyone.

First, take some time to read the Help:Internationalization article for a more detailed explanation of how to start a sub-Wiki.

The URL used during the creation process requires a language code. For example, de.wolfquest represents Deutsch. By setting up a sub-site in this way, you are permitted to use English Wiki assets and you may edit images to replace English dialogue with translated dialogue the Wiki focuses on. Theme, userbox, navbox and other such elements may also be used as shared assets.

Creating a site that does not use a language code will not associate all Wikis with a language option, and you won't be allowed to use assets from the English nor any other WolfQuest Wiki if the sites are not tethered in this way.

We ask that all translated sub-Wikis are created with a language code for a good reason. To my awareness, this should link all WolfQuest Wikis with a language selection found below the categories bar at the bottom of the main page. The RuneScape Wiki offers a good example of this.