Yellowstone National Park is a national park in the U.S. states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.[1] It was the world's first national park and spans across 2,219,789 acres.

It is the setting where WolfQuest's episodes are based.

Amethyst Mountain

Yellowstone Amethyst Mountain
The first episode takes place atop the slopes of Amethyst Mountain. Google Maps

Named in 1872 by the United States Geological Survey for amethysts found on its summit, the mountain is known for its abundance of amethyst, opal and exposure of well known and visited petrified forests.[2]

The Burn

Yellowstone Burned Trees
The 1988 fire season in Yellowstone began when a single lightning strike set a small group of pines ablaze on June 22. Assuming the summer rains would keep it in check, officials weren't initially worried; this would later prove disastrous; that summer would be the driest and windiest since the park was established. The fires were initially allowed to burn under the controversial "natural burn" policy which allowed fires to run their natural course as long as they were not caused by human activity, and as long as the fires did not threaten human lives, property, endangered species, or natural features.[3]

Petrified Forests

Yellowstone Fossil Forest-a
This mountain is also known for the petrified forests and concentrations of silicified wood found within the Lamar River Formation exposed on its slopes. Extensive exposures on the northeast slopes comprise a classic study area known as the Fossil Forest, an area which has been studied in detail by a number of researchers for more than 130 years.

Some of the beds contain prehistoric forests buried in place by volcanic lahars. Other beds are concentrations of fossilized stumps, flat-lying logs, and logs lying at various angles that have been transported from the higher slopes of adjacent volcanoes and buried by braided and meandering streams and volcanic lahars. Notably, virtually identical lahar and stream deposits that contain buried and upright standing trunks of forests and beds of transported logs and upright stumps created by the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, and other Quaternary and Holocene eruptions of other Cascade Range volcanoes.

Slough Creek

Yellowstone Slough Creek
The second episode takes place in Slough Creek, Wyoming. Google Maps

It gained its name in 1867 when a party of gold prospectors ventured into the valley and described its condition as a slough.[4]



  • In WolfQuest, Amethyst Mountain is along Specimen Ridge![5]


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